Terms & Conditions of Quotation

  1. Prices: All prices are quoted on the basis of cost of labour, fixtures and materials at the date of the quotation and are valid for 30 days.

  2. Variations: All extras or alterations not included in the quotation shall be at the cost of the client.

  3. Removal of materials: Any materials removed from the client’s premises in connection with carrying out the quoted work and not used on the job shall be the property of the contractor unless otherwise agreed.

  4. Defects in existing installations: Should the contractor in the course of any authorised work, discover any defect in any part of the premises or the existing installation which makes it impracticable or inexpedient for him to continue his work under this contract without repairing or replacing any part of the said premises or installation (and the contactor shall be the sole judge thereof) this shall be extra and be charged at an hourly rate.

  5. Defective foundation: The contractor shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from insufficient or defective foundations, walls or other surfaces not erected by the contractor.

  6. Rock and reef: If rock is excavated during excavation of this job by either machine or jackhammer this shall be extra and be charged at an hourly rate.

  7. Existing Services: For the purpose of this quotation it is assumed the existing services are in good order. The reinstatement of said services cut or damaged during the course of these works is included in the price but any extensive renewal for other reasons will be extra and be charged at an hourly rate. Any damage to existing services not located by the client and which could not reasonably be located by the contractor will be repaired at the clients cost and is not included in the quotation.

  8. Extra work arising out of existing installation: For the purpose of this quotation it is assumed that existing installations comply with statutory regulations. Any work additional to the work to be performed ordered by any competent Authority, local Authority inspector or person authorised by an authority will be charged as an extra.

  9. Removal of spoil: Surplus excavated material will be stacked neatly in a heap in a position convenient for topping up trenches after subsidence. If removal from the site is required it will be at an extra cost unless otherwise stated in this quotation.

  10. Client’s materials: If any fixture, fittings or materials are supplied by the client, all care will be taken, but fixtures, fittings and materials will be stored, handled and installed at the client’s risk.

  11. Other Contractors: This quotation does not include other trades work such as electricians, carpenter, cabinet maker, tiler unless otherwise stated in this quotation.

  12. Access holes: Repairing of holes cut to gain access to defective pipes shall be by others and at the client’s expense.

  13. Concrete cutting and Concrete Core Holes: Cutting of concrete and its removal is quoted on the assumption that the concrete is no more than 100mm thick and that the concrete can be lifted out without the use of mechanical means. Eg: Jackhammering. Cutting and removal of concrete thicker than 100mm will be at the cost of the owner.