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CCTV / Drain Jetting 

Because drainage systems are located beneath the ground it's impossible for the human naked eye to detect where the blockage is located and it's cause.While drain blockages and odours can be a major problem, they generally don't just happen overnight.  Instead, they develop over time when waste products start to accumulate or when tree roots grow in the pipes and cause blockages and breakages.Rather than spending thousands of dollars and hours digging we now have the ability to accurately diagnose the problem using a CCTV drain camera.Unlike the electric cabling procedure, a CCTV drain camera can be fed into plumbing systems and flexed around corners with ease.  Providing an inside view of your pipes in real time, showing the exact location and severity of blockages, leaks and other problems.
Blocked Kitchen SinkFood scraps, grease and other foreign objects washed down the kitchen drain can cause blockages. Grease and oil shouldn’t be poured down the drain because they solidify, accumulating on the walls of the pipe, rather than flowing through it.Blocked Shower Drain & Bathroom SinkHair is the number one cause of shower drain and bathroom sink blockages. It can clog on its own, but also when combined with soap scum.Blocked ToiletFlushing any items other than sewage and toilet paper will cause toilet blockages. Nappies and baby wipes are two of the biggest culprits here.Sewer/Storm WaterTree roots searching for moisture can find the smallest crack and enter sewer lines. Tree root intrusion can cause a complete blockage or cause other matter to catch in the roots and clog.


Specialised equipment allows us to dislodge and remove the clog causing your drain blockage. Sewer blockages can occur in the main line, or one of the secondary lines. To determine the location of the blockage, so that we can clear it most successfully, we may suggest the use of our CCTV camera and locator.Once we confirm the location of the blockage, high-pressure water jetting is the first method Ground Vision turn to for unblocking drains. Often, no further steps will need to be taken. However, should the clog prove more stubborn, we attach a cutting head to break down the clog so it can pass.Thanks to the latest technology, drain cleaning is easier than ever, saving you time and money.

Leak Detection & Repair

Leaking pipes or pipes that have already burst can cause serious damage to your home. Left untreated, they can cause your water bill to skyrocket. Don’t let your leaks go unnoticed. Turn to G.V for early leak detection and repair for burst pipes. 
We have the leak detection technology available to find leaks before they become more serious and to quickly patch up the problem.

General Plumbing

We offer a wide range of general plumbing services, including repairs and maintenance, domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing maintenance and new installations.
Whether it’s a single property or a large apartment building, we are the ideal plumbers for all your General Plumbing and Plumbing Maintenance requirements. We understand that good plumbing gives you peace of mind and long lasting reassurance.



At Ground Vision we offer Roof Plumbing services. This includes work involved in fixing, installing, renovating, altering, repairing and maintaining guttering, downpipes, roof flashing and roof coverings on any building or structure. 
The QBCC identified in 2020 that a lack of flashings were present across Queenslands homes, this issue alone can cause roof leaks and internal damage. 
Should you be experiecing Roof Leaks, we recommend having a complete Roof Report conducted to assess the situation. See Make-safe / Roof Reports for more information about this service. 

Make-Safe / Roof Reports

A MakeSafe is a temporary solution to prevent any short-term damage. This service is done to ensure the risk of harm to people or further damage to property is removed and the site/property/asset is secure until a more perminate solution undertaken. 
Ground VIsion offer professional and experienced roof inspections, providing easy to understand, accurate and independent roof reports. Our services span across commercial, residential and strata properties. We use Drone technology along with images, detailed reports and our trades will discuss unbiased solution options if required.  

Emergency Call Out

Got an emergency? We will assess the issue over the phone and offer Emergency Plumbing Services. 
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